Let’s plan and execute a launch that boosts your visibility, increases your impact, and sells out more copies of your book than you imagined

The Truth Is Writing, Editing, and Publishing a Good Book Costs Money

One way to make sure you get value for your money is planning a profitable launch that not only helps you sell out copies of your book but opens an opportunity for a second stream of income.

This is for you if you are not interested in winging it with your book launch and want to get it right once.

Together, we will create a book launch plan that makes you the preferred author on your book’s topic. Your launch will move from being just an activity to an experience. We will curate content that shows why this is just NOT another book and sell out copies of your book in the launch period.

All These For Your Book!

Clear Plan

You will get a book launch strategy with fresh ideas on how to create excitement and the right buzz for the launch, the right partnerships for your book, build your tribe and be seen as the expert in your book’s niche so you can begin to get those speaking engagements and opportunities you deserve.

Compelling Content

Content that turns your followers into excited and eager buyers, content that shows how your book is different from others and why people need to listen to your opinion on your book’s topic? This package has that and more.

Committed Community

Your community is those people who will not just buy your book, they are the ones who need your message, the ones who will trust your voice, recommend you for opportunities, and ask others to buy from you! Exciting, right? Together we will grow your community and nurture them.

Credible Platform

You need your own digital space where you can bring all your followers and potential readers. A space where you share what makes your book unique, what they can expect, and why they should buy ASAP! The good news is that this package gives you what you the content you need to make that happen.

Continuous Support

You will need to ask questions throughout the launch period. Your personal book launch sounding board. How many copies of books should I print, and what to say during my author's speech? Should I partner with bookstores? I will be available to answer all your questions during the launch phase. You will never be alone.

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This package includes

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