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Can you imagine your book impacting lives?

Readers thanking you for writing this book
Creating a second stream of income as a brilliant author

This is my dream for you and should be your dream for yourself.

You have a powerful and necessary message, you have put in the work writing this book,  but the impact you desire and the income you deserve won’t come automatically. 

Your book or your message will not sell itself. Winging it by posting ‘content’ and running sponsored ads will not bring that impact.  Saying you don’t have time, surprising the world with your book, or disappearing after the book launch will not give you the result you want either.  

You need a book launch and promotion plan to help you to create a buzz, launch powerfully and profitably,  own your message, have a tribe of people who want to hear your perspective on your book’s topic,and become a visible authority in that space.

Now that’s what I am talking about!

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If you are ready to grow your influence, impact, and income as an author, I am your strongest ally. Together, we will create a plan that helps you stand out as a brilliant author with a purposeful message. We will build a community of readers who support your work and ultimately help you increase your income. 

You will no longer be worried about how to promote your book(s) and message.

Going all out for your book shows you are  vain, desperate, intentional 

  • You may be that author who doesn’t want to be labeled as vain or desperate for going all out with their book launch and promotion. 
  • You may be wondering if your message requires all that buzz since you are more focused on impact. 
  • You may also be that author who doesn’t want a cliche or regular launch, you want to go the extra mile to get your message across.. 
  • Maybe you are that author who doesn’t want all the money spent creating this book to be a waste. It has to be profitable! I get you. 

The truth is, whether you want impact, influence, or income from your book, the way you introduce it to the world and continue to talk about it after the launch determines if you will meet this goal. 

You invested too much time, money, and effort in creating this book, you cannot afford to play small. Winging your book launch and promotion, posting only on your WhatsApp status is not good enough. 

In my over five years of working with authors to launch and promote their books, I have understood what it takes to make an impact and increase your income as an author. 

I don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach, so I work with you to understand your needs and create the best plan based on proven principles.