For authors who already launched their book
You launched your book already, but you can’t get over the thought that there is so much more wisdom, value, and answers you have to give as an author. The only issue is only your friends and family know you have all that knowledge. You also probably have several copies of your book still at home because you don’t know how to sell

This offer helps you become a visible and valued author, so you can begin to attract opportunities. It gives you the tools to promote your book and build an extra stream of income from your knowledge.

You have too much knowledge and experience to remain hidden and unprofitable

Together, we will create a plan that makes people want to listen to your opinion on your book’s topic, promotes your book, and helps you make more money.
$ 450
Here’s what you will get
Compelling message
Why should people listen to your opinion on your book’s topic above every other author? What makes your book different from others? That’s your compelling message and the first thing you need to become a visible and valued author. This package helps you find and fine-tune this.

Committed Community
Remember, you want to become visible. The question is visible to whom? Your community, of course. I will work with you to build and nurture a community of high-value people who trust your opinion and are ready to recommend you for opportunities in the twinkling of an eye.

Credible Platform
Every leader has a platform. A place where they share their ideas. For you, it's your author website, where your unique message, details about your book, and so much more. This package gives you what you need to create that platform.

Clear Roadmap
You don’t need to understand marketing when you have me. I will create a book marketing plan so you can promote your book without stress and increase your profit Committed Community After working with me, you will have a solid community of people who value your opinion as an author, want to learn from you, and are ready to recommend you to speak on your preferred subject. You’ll have your own tribe.


So what will I achieve if I take this offer?
  • Boldly build your audience as an author
  • Start creating content that promotes your book and shares your message
  • Build a community of people who trust your opinion on your book’s topic
  • Attract cool opportunities and speaking engagements
  • An author website that helps you stand out and promotes your book even more

This package is for you if
  • You are not known as an expert on your book’s topic
  • You want to make an impact with your book
  • You want to attract speaking and other cool opportunities
  • You have launched your book, but you want to keep promoting it to make more income