Book Launch Funbook

Hey Author!

You are such a big deal. you were inspired by a book idea, you started it and now it’s almost ready. 

Congratulations and well done 

you’ve probably heard people say a good book will sell itself. 

This is not entirely correct. 

Of course, you have to write a good book but then if you don’t talk about it well people will not know it exists, and worse off they won’t buy it

There are so many people who have written good books and the book ends up in their room or with only a few friends and family buying it


Many of my clients have experienced these and more because they got the clarity and strategy to launch their books profitably and without stress. 

Now, I have created this easy ( That’s why I called it a fun book) resource that helps you to launch your next book and keep promoting it even after the launch day.


What's Inside

  • A Book Promotion Template. This resource will help you generate content to promote our book in 10 minutes.
  • A 30-Day Book Launch Content Calendar Template
  • Out-of-the-Box Promotional Ideas for Your Next Book Launch
  • Comprehensive Pre-launch, Pre-order, Launch, and Post Launch Book Launch Checklists
  • How to Keep Marketing Your Book Even After the Launch

How do I know this fun book will work for me?

Starting today,  you can begin your book launch process confidently knowing you are doing the right thing and that people will not only love it but buy your book. 

The first ever launch project I worked on was for a book and seeing the excitement on the author’s face throughout the launch period and the impact she has been able to create since she first launched this book is one of the things that made me proud in my career. 

Since then I have helped many other authors launch and sell their books and I want to help you too. You’ve written a good book now it’s time to launch it book like a boss!