Clarity and Support
If you need immediate answers as you plan your book launch this is for you. In 60 minutes, you will get the answers to questions that have left you stuck as you plan your launch. You will also get one month of continuous support from me so you can run any more ideas you have as you work towards your launch. You are working on something impactful, don’t get discouraged, get help.
$ 250
    The truth is writing, editing, and publishing a good book costs money!

    One way to make sure you get value for your money is planning a profitable launch that not only helps you sell out copies of your book but opens an opportunity for a second stream of income.

    This offer is for you if you are not interested in winging it with your book launch and want to get it right once.


What you get

  • 60 minute book launch clarity session to answer all your burning questions that have left you stuck and plan the rest of your launch
  • Content ideas to sustain the pre-launch, launch, and post-launch periods
  • Email support for one month